I am going to share my thoughts about the use of the internet to watch TV. Doing this has become an all-consuming hobby for me so what better way to indulge my addiction than to seek approval from large numbers of people I don’t know, by writing about it ?

I hope these thoughts will be of use to some, even if they serve no purpose other than to stimulate discussion. All feed back is welcome, but please try and keep it polite. I am not easily offended but I expect that, in time, the blog will attract readers who are !

So here we go, and please let me know if there is anything you would like to hear my thoughts about.




2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. jronymus Post author

      Jas, Hi

      How are you guys doing, not suffering with the weather too much I hope ? I’ll let you into a secret, I don’t watch that much TV but I do have some opinions about how best to do it ! Hope to see you two soon.



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